Ceramic Metal Halide Kits (CMH)

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Home Grow Lights Ceramic Metal Halide Kits (CMH)
Home Grow Lights Ceramic Metal Halide Kits (CMH)

Purchase your next Ceramic Metal Halide Kit from LumaGro and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Growing with a Ceramic Metal Halide fixture and bulb provides numerous advantages compared to other systems. CMH have the highest color rendering index (CRI) on the market as well as it provides color stability. It also provides high levels of UV-B similar to the sun, which increases trichome development of the bud. The bulb doesn’t get as hot as traditional HID bulbs, which means you can put the light closer to the plant without worrying about heat. A 315W CMH kit can replace a 600W HID system which allows you to get a bigger yield per watt.