945W Double Ended Ceramic Metal Halide Grow System with 3100k bulb


Our LUMAGRO 945W CMH system will bring you professional grade full spectrum lighting to your indoor garden. Ceramic Metal Halide is becoming more popular in the horticultural industry. The CMH lamps has a very broad light spectrum which is more similar to the sun itself. We have taken CMH technology and increased its operational efficiency, making the most comprehensive spectrum of light output for an HID fixture. This means you are providing your plants with UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and IR spectrum similar to the sun, which is very beneficial to your plants trichome development. 

The CMH lamps also have increased efficiency in PAR/Watt compared to other forms of HID lighting. The CMH fixture can be used as a primary veg light, a primary light for SOG applications, or a supplemental full spectrum light for large flowering operations. 

This system is also able to run a 630W CMH DE bulbs and 1000W DE bulbs.

Temperature case: 75 Celsius/167Fahrenheit 
Temperature Ambient: 0-35Celsius/32-95Fahrenheit 
Input wattage: 110V/240V
Input current: 4.34A-11.0A
Power factor: 0.99
THD: Lower than 10%
Dimming at : 600W-630W-750W-945W-1000W-EXT 
Frequency : 50-60Hz 
Output frequency: 104Khz+
Lamp: 630W CMH DE ,945W CMH DE,1000W CMH DE,1000W DE HPS/MH 
Caution: When set at EXT, the ballast will only work with a master controller.
Caution: Our lamps may be used in a damp environment but cannot be used in wet an environment and outdoors.
Caution: Due to the special design of the double ended bulb, please place the fixture horizontally before connecting to a power source. The CMH bulb might be damaged if the fixture is placed on an angle after power is on.

945W DE CMH Bulb Specs

Color Temperature: 3100K

Type: DE-CMH

Wattage: 945W

Lumens 100,000 lm

Initial Par: 1770 umol/s

CRI: 90

Rated life (Hours @ 10 Hour / start): 10,000