Who we are

LumaGro is a franchising company that relies on our franchisee's to contribute in our company's success. LumaGro will be committed to maintaining a fair franchising model as our predominant way to operate our business. Owning a LumaGro location is an amazing opportunity to invest in a proven business model with a low investment level. We are seeking highly qualified individuals with past business experience and financial resources. Continue reading for more information or contact us today!



Times are changing and new opportunities are arising. Take advantage of Canada’s green rush by opening up a LUMAGRO location. With a complete system already in place, you can manage your own business with minimal investment. Canada’s new cannabis laws present the perfect opportunity to open your very own indoor garden supply store!

LUMAGRO will do its absolute best to ensure that the candidate will conduct business in the community that they wish to be in. The financial requirements will vary depending on the method of acquisition, location, and store size.

Ownership of a LUMAGRO franchise includes:

  • Access to a growing list of over 200 products including plant nutrients, grow lights, insecticides, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, ventilating fans and tents through our established International supplier network, all backed by a warranty.
  • An initial 7-day training program at one of our LUMAGRO locations.
  • A listing on our LUMAGRO website.
  • Ongoing support
  • Brand recognition in a high-growth industry.
  • An exclusive geographical territory
  • A complete set of manuals online including: Pre-Opening Manual, Policy & Procedures Manual, Checklists, Forms and Agreements.
  • LUMAGRO management software that is designed to monitor your inventory levels, accommodate automatic inventory re-ordering, manage your sales, manage sales by employee; produce sales reports, profit & loss reports, and accounting reports, and print receipts
  • An established system for acceptance of Debit, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Apple Pay.






$82,975 - $160,525


LUMAGRO Opportunity Quick Facts

  • Royalty Fees: 7% of Gross sales
  • Branding Fund Contributions: 3% of Gross sales
  • Local Advertisement Contribution: 2% of Gross Sales 
  • Fee For First 10 Franchises:  $10,000 
  • Start up capital from as little as: $10,000
  • Investment Required: $83k - $160k
  • Comprehensive training program & ongoing operational support including Operation Manuals

Who LUMAGRO is looking for

Three of the main qualifications that LumaGro seeks in applicants is:

  • Business background and/or experience
  • Financial abilities
  • Personal Traits

LUMAGRO is looking for individuals who already have business experience with a strong supervisory & managerial background. Retailing experience will be an important asset. We are seeking people who have demonstrated success in either a previous personal business or working for a corporation. An applicant with a background in indoor growing will also be an asset (although don't stress, you can always learn along the way). The candidate must have the ability to relate with all their clients and demonstrate the outstanding customer service that LUMAGRO upholds.

LUMAGRO will evaluate the individual’s character and integrity. We want to make sure all representatives of LUMAGRO will go into their communities, evaluate their market and advertise aggressively.

LUMAGRO seeks people who are ready to devote their time and best efforts to the growth of the business. 

Training & Support

No experience in the indoor growing industry? No problem.

Prior to the opening of the franchised business, we will provide training at a location designated by us, covering all phases of the system for yourself and one other key employee designated by you.

Within one week you will know all the ins and outs of the business and most importantly, you will never be alone! LUMAGRO takes pride in our team. Our ongoing assistance is the most important asset in our franchise partnership.

We also understand that the world is always growing and changing. This is why additional training programs may be provided by us to make sure all partners in our franchise are up to date with new methods, products, and/or services.


How much will I need to invest?
Why should I join the LUMAGRO franchise?
How much money will I make?
Will I receive training?
I think I am ready, what is my next step?

Information Request Form

If you have any specific questions that we did not cover please contact the following:

LumaGro Licensing Inc.
#104 - 1525 Broad Way Street
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
V3C 6P6


David Vanek 

Bartosz Gnatek