250W LED


SKU: LG-050

LUMAGRO's 250W LED model is the newest addition to our LED family. 

At only 250W's this little LED packs a punch. It is perfect for small scale grow rooms that require little heat, noise, and maintenance. Our LED's are full spectrum and will take you from veg to flower, providing amazing yields. We also use PHILIPS LUMILEDS to provide a PPF higher then most LED lights on the market

Our LEDs are spaced specifically for our PPFD to be accurate from all points of the fixture. This means that there will not be any hot spots created and light is distributed evenly.

 Light Source LED
PPF 504 μmol/s
Input Power 250W
Efficacy 2.1 μmol/J
Input Voltage Autosensing 100-240V
Fixture Dimension & Weight 23.5"Lx21.5"Wx4.0"H | 17.5lbs 
60cmLx55cmWx10cmH | 8.0kg 
Mounting Height   ≥12"(30cm) Above Canopy 
Thermal Management Passive
Lifetime 50,000 Hours
Power Factor  >90%
Certifications  UL1598 Damp Location Rating
& IP55 (Console Only), CE
Color Rendering Index 90ra
Ambient Temperature -25 - 40 ℃
Storage Environment   -40℃-85℃   RH10%-95% 
Warranty 3 Years


 Max Amperage By Voltage
 Voltage 120V 208V 240V 277V
Amperage 2.00A 1.15A 1.00A 0.87A


PAR Distribution 

240w light spectrum

Wavelength Graph 

 660W LED Spectrum