Liquid Propane (LP) 8 Burner CO2 Generator


SKU: LG-221

In nature, plants combine water, carbon dioxide (C02), and light into chemical energy that can be used to fuel the plant's growth and flowering. This process of photosynthesis can be augmented and accelerated by the introduction of more carbon dioxide into a growing environment. Due to an increased C02 intake, plants grow much faster and stronger.

This Liquid Propane (LP) 8 Burner C02 Generator is constructed of resilient powder coated steel. Its precision manufactured clean firing brass burners are rated to cover a 30ft x 30ft (1000 sq. ft.) growing area. A featured solid state electronic ignition module eliminates the need for pilot lighting and the unit features an easy On/Off switch. Hanging hardware is included, as well as a power cord and gas hose with an intake regulator.


  • 8 Burner unit is recommended for a 30ft x 30ft (1000 sq. ft.)
  • Unit is compatible with Liquid Propane (LP) only
  • Dual solenoid valves
  • Precision manufactured clean firing brass burners
  • Solid state electronic ignition module - no pilot light necessary
  • Tip over switch shuts off gas if unit falls or tips over
  • Convenient On/Off switch
  • Includes hanging hardware and allen key wrench
  • Features gas intake regulator and hose