PH Meter


SKU: LG-305

● Measuring range: 0.00 ~ 14.00PH

● Accuracy: ±0.1PH

● Resolution: 0.01PH

● Large and easy-to-read LCD

WIDE USE, it’s great for home and laboratory uses; hydroponics, aquariums, water, pools, spas, food, wine and beer making and more.

High Quality and Durable
it's highly accurate for measuring range of 0-14 PH, 0.1 PH resolution, measure & display pH result simultaneously with LCD diplay, reliable and quick reading. 

Easy to Use
you just remove the protective cap and immerse the PH meter electrode in the solution and turn on the PH by "ON / OFF" switch to be measured. Beats the heck out of trying to see the colors of a litmus strip. 

Easy to Calibrate 
You can simply immerse the PH tester in the solution and adjust with the provided screwdriver to dial it in. 

Warning Tips
Be careful with the glass probe since it may be a little fragile when you use.
Remember to gently wipe it with a clean, soft cloth when you're done before capping it again. 

Package Contents:  

1 x PH Tester  
1 x Calibration screwdriver  
1 x User manual 
What is pH? 
pH is the measurement of the concentration of free hydrogen ions in a liquid. The pH of pure water is 7. Liquids with a larger concentration of hydrogen ions than water are acid and have a pH value less than 7. Liquids with a lower concentration of hydrogen ions on the other hand, are base and have a pH value higher than 7. The pH scale runs from 1 to 14. 

When opening the packaging, a small crystallisation may be visible on the electrode of the pH meter. This is normal. Please clean with demineralised water before first use.